Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Empty Lot

This peice was from the other day when my view was blocked(see 4x4 lobster boat) and I didn't get to finish, I was gonna paint over this or maybe just put it away and look at it in a year or so and say" hey I remember this day" but....... I've decided that maybe where it ended isn't a bad place, and It has grown on me. Let me know what you think.?. Right now the bay is peppered with a boat or two here and there but the weather and season has emptied this once packed nautical parking lot. I think the painting conveys that feeling of park anywhere there's room, and I might use as basis for a larger piece....?..I have recently been "tagged" by Frank Gardner (thanks Frank) (if your gonna be tagged be tagged by the best) and I am currently preparing my tag assault on the blog world, its coming soon......Quote:" You try to make an interesting journey between the cradle and the grave, you know?"Robert Duvall ..........two quote Tuesday! LOL, :" My favorite thing is to go where I've never been" Diane Arbus... that's a good one.. later

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