Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shifts of Focus

During the class that I'm currently teaching ,I learned something very interesting about helping my students and myself find something that can help satisfy us with our painting . That thing is FOCUS, not just" focus on what your doing" that's to easy. What I'm talking about are things like color, edges, light effect, line quality ,paint quality, brushwork,etc. I believe that if you focus on any one of these or combo of them you will come up with something different then usual, different then the last and next painting you do, if the next focus is different. This is only to help you learn who you may be and to coax out what will start to satisfy you . This is helping me quite a bit lately ,I'm not saying I'm satisfied by any means but I am starting to realize what I love and what I hate . In this post I decided to give the penguin center stage and since I was talking about teaching I figured I would show this weeks in class demo ." Chilly Willy" was about 20min and I focused on not messing up my demo . HAHAHA :)

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