Monday, June 16, 2014

Scooter Dogs and the Return of Color

Scooter Dogs 26x36" available at Camden Falls Gallery

Scooter Dogs Detail
One of my favorite parts of the summer season is the return of businesses like Scooter Dogs and getting to paint all that fun color. I was very fired up to paint the battle of "loud vs quiet color harmony" that is represented by the foreground and background in this piece.

If you're in Rockland and want a fun way to tour the local coast see Marty at Scooter Dogs. Tell him i sent you and he will most likely not give you a discount but tell you of all food I buy from the local Vietnamese food truck, "Pho Sizzle".

"All means (in painting) are sacred when they are dictated by inner necessity. All means are not reprehensible when they do not spring from the fountain of inner necessity..." W Kandinsky

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