Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moxie, You've Got It

Moxie #1 "Glossy"
  I have been occasionally adding a small piece or two onto my ETSY store. These recently added pieces have been smallish works, oil on Arches Oil paper. One sold before this post was even up.. Thank you!

I have been having fun getting the warm and cool variations of the intense colors of the can to work. Hope you enjoy!
Moxie #2 "You've got it" SOLD


Matthew Holt said...

I love these, Dan!...simple yet so real. You really nailed it, especially the top one.

Lisa Lillibridge said...

Hello Dan,
I met your Dad on the beach today. He told us about your work so I wanted to check it out. I really like the Moxie painting and the scooters, such joy and color and movement.

John said...


I really like the Moxie cans, my son loves the stuff. We took a trip up to the Moxie Museum in Lisbon Falls a few weeks ago an had a good visit with Frank the Moxie man. Moxie in Maine is actually sweeter than in MA (different bottling companies) I prefer the Maine version.

After I returned from Maine I noticed you had a show in Kennebunk, I wish I had stopped in while I was there.