Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Air

The Snow fall this year has been far below what I like to see for a solid snow painting season... I really feel like the snow is a great change in abstract shapes to paint and love how everything gets silhouetted by the snow also composition can become a fun game of connect the dots. The subtle color and value shifts of sunlit snow and getting to really use my cold pthalo colors in the shadows get me so fired up to paint snow.. I'm gonna have to cut this post short to go do a snow dance out in the street.

The piece above is at the moment untitled, 16x20" and from Weber and Son Lobster CO in (I think) Harpswell Maine.


Matthew Holt said...

Good grief dude! I love the composition here and the perfect amount of grays to set up the color shapes. This one really draws me in. You need to get back to the midwest and teach me some color theory!

Mick Carney said...

Another cracker. Love the change of value on the bannister rail. It sets the tonal script for the rest of the image.

I'm not sure that the people of Maine will be thankful for the prayers here in Sunderland which are all about hoping there is more heavy snow in their parish.

Dan Corey said...

Thanks Matt, you are way too kind! Your work is looking really strong !

thank you Mick! If i don't get my much needed snow paintings in, the world will just have to stop spinning til I do..

Kyle Martin said...

this is the STUFF! Great to see it!


Always a bit of joy to see another of your posts. Super color, as usual.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Kyle! Thanks man! You are killing it on your blog lately!
Pthalo Blue Tang Forever!

Hey Darrell, thank you very much! Not as much joy as seeing your comment :))
By the way I love that Bird Feeder panting on your blog. I want it!