Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

This is a sketch on newsprint I did recently at the figure/life drawing group at the Boothbay Regional Art Foundation. I think it was a 15 min pose. Not sure. Ether way, I liked it enough to share and prove that I am trying to draw more (which was my failed goal last year).

Something that I have been pushing for finally happened.. My wife Raquele has started a blog including her original photography. Here is a link to Raquele's Blog . Her use of abstract shapes in the composition are lesson for most of us and worth checking out. Also I know that if you comment there, like me, she will respond to all. Worth checking it out!


D J Brade said...

Love the drawing Dan!

Mick Carney said...

Been missing you since your wonderful marathon project of supporting the foundation. This is a lovely stripped down image and could be the basis of a variety of development treatments even though it stands on it own as a great image.

Kyle Martin said...

Nice one Dan! Good to hear you are still attending the figure sessions. Draw and paint and then paint some more. I think that's Carlson?

Dan Corey said...

Thank you D J!

Thanks a lot Mick! I have enjoyed the small break will keep the blog pretty casual til at least February. Then I will unleash my blog of fury..! Ha!

Hey Kyle, thanks! Yeah I'm trying to go every week but the winter has a way of making money disappear..?. I don't know where it goes..

Matthew Holt said...

I like this one, Dan! I really enjoy seeing painter's sketches/drawings...something raw and honest. Post more. Glad I didn't bet you on Bears/Patriots season!!!

Dan Corey said...

Thank you Matt! I have been digging the stuff you have been don't lately!
I wouldn't have taken the money anyways! Better luck next year, the Bears always bounce back.