Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Waiting on Spring

This morning when we woke up (at around 3am) I checked to the thermometer like usual to see if I need to go chisel the ice off my wife's car before she heads off to work. The temp was 41 degrees Fahrenheit! I'm not sure if fall is hanging around too long or spring is coming early something isn't right..?.

This piece Above( @ Camden Falls gallery) is a painting that makes me drift away into spring thoughts everything I see it so I thought I would share it here in mid January. Thanks for stopping by.


Mick Carney said...

And here we have a lot of confused birds and plants who have the same dilemma about what they should be doing. The seasons seem less defined. Never mind the painting does exude that sense of awakening that is the hallmark of Spring.

Linda Popple said...


Kyle Martin said...

Crazy weather this year! Great piece, really love the hits of orange. You are right, it screams spring. Thanks for posting!

Scott Ruthven said...

Ahhh...I can't wait for weather lik this again. Lazy summer days are the best!

Bill Tomsa said...

Sixty days from today until "the first day of Spring"...but who's counting?

Dan Corey said...

Sorry for slow response.. Distracted lately..

hey Mick, yeah, it was 53 degrees today?? Two days after almost a foot of snow. Thanks on the painting!

Thank you Linda!

Hey Kyle, thanks! Yeah I waited all the way til the end to put that orange in.. Love the orange..

Hi Scott, I hear that!

Hey Bill, yeah, I'm not counting and love a good winter but any time would be nice..