Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camden Falls Gallery Announcement

Great news! Since my last post I have joined The Camden Falls Gallery in Camden ME I just delivered work this past Tuesday and would like to thank the staff there for making me feel very welcome into their family of artists(Thank you).
I will be joining two other galleries as the season gets rolling but I will announce those as they happen.
One other thing I would like to point out is a link that I have recently added to the side of this blog, that link is labeled "Amateur Lense". This link is my wife Raquele's new blog, its only one post deep but I think you will like it. check it!
This painting is of a couple of a small chunk of our yard, it looks like two Dandelions but there is actually 3 see if you can spot it... :)
Quote: "Cover the canvas at the first go, and then work on till you see nothing more to add ... Don't proceed according to rules and principles, but paint what you observe and feel. Paint generously and unhesitatingly, for it is best not to lose the first impression." Camille Pissaro


Frank Gardner said...

Of course I see it.
Nice little painting of a chunk of your yard. A good lesson next time someone says that there is nothing to paint. Just paint, you can make a beautiful painting out of almost anything.
Great news on the gallery Dan. Camden Falls is a cool little gallery.

Colin Page said...

Congratulations Dan. That's great. I hope you have alot of success at Camden Falls. THey are a great gallery.

Dan Corey said...

Glad you spotted it Frank, so true beauty is everywhere..

Hey Colin, Thank you, I hope for alot of success there to. Then I can buy some you and Franks paintings :))

Karin said...

Hi, I can't find it...Is it really there? I love the painting of the house on the street. Congrats on Camden. You have some nice ones there.

Eric Merrell said...

Logan told me he saw six dandelions...

Congratulations with the gallery -

Dan Corey said...

Thank you Karin.

Hi Eric, Logan must have looked under a blacklight, in a mirror, and with Ozzy playing above a hush in the background! Cause that is the only way you see all six.
Thank you and hope to see you guys on Monhegan.

polusladkaia said...

gorgeous bee's-eye view!

Marian Fortunati said...

What a very cool painting!!
It always amazes me how creative people can see what is little more than a corner of the yard and paint the beauty in it.
I saw a HUGE Clyde Aspevik (sp?) painting a few years ago at the Autry Show that was absolutely GORGEOUS... but it was really nothing but a field of weeds. (Which sold for something like $250,000) Honestly I am still in awe of how he made such a humble scene a true glory!!

Dan Corey said...

HI Polusladkaia and Thank you.

Hi Marian, Thank you, I've only seen Clydes work in print and the screen, but 1/4 mil for weeds..?. I believe it, he is goooood.