Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rock Point Gallery Announcement

This week I start my working relationship with Rock Point Gallery located in Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island (in Maine if you are from afar). I am very proud to be part of this gallery, they only represent a small hand full of great artists and have chosen me to be among them. Couple names off the top of my head are Melissa Brown and Stapleton Kearns.
As for the photo,..?. I can't seem to get 24"x36"pieces to not look warped.?? So I will try to replace this photo soon but you get the idea for now. If your interested in this piece or just want to see it in person please contact Fred at Rock point Gallery (207) 276-5921 . The main boat here is my absolute favorite lobster boat in Maine, her name is "The Chains". the striking dark (maybe black) bottom and Pthalo like mint green up top make this the boat a beauty.
Quote "I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious." (Andrew Wyeth)


Mick Carney said...

Dan, you need lessons in photography from your talented wife, her pictures don't 'warp'. The focal length of your zoom lens that you choose influences the degree to which the image appears flat or warped.

The picture is great and you report another boost to your burgeoning career as an artist who can attract interest from buyers and collectors. Great, great news. What a year this has been for you.

"I see as realism whatever is genuinely begotten by life and moves the human spirit, even if there are no images of people, houses and trees". Yevtushenko

Dan Corey said...

Hey Mick, well I just asked her while I was about to respond and great news......she will take the photos in the future.. on the ones she does I will put a credit on the photo so people will not mistake a lucky one by me for her abilities..
Thank you Mick, it has been a great year so far and I have more to announce but have to hold off just a bit longer(sorry)on saying it. while Im here Mick could you please send me your address again so I can send out your "pay it forward" painting. sorry but it got lost in the shuffle.

karin said...

Hi Dan, Great painting..i saw it online at the gallery and the painting was awesome.
Keep it up so i can retire and you can support me in the manner to which i'll become accustomed.. Raquele won't mind.....