Friday, December 23, 2011

I Won , I Won!!

Recently I have been drawing more and more so I naturally started looking at what is available for sketchbooks out there and found Stillman & Birn.. These are not your average sketchbook, archival quality and the particular ones in the above image (Beta Series) are 180# natural white with enhanced wet media strength.

Oh yeah, they are bound in the USA so I like that it's helping some employment here. We could use it.

So the post title "I Won, I Won!!" is because I did win. I "liked" the Stillman & Birn Facebook page and noticed they do a giveaway every once in a while. Well, I'm not sure how often to be honest but it seems pretty regularly. So a while back I signed up for one (just an email for notification) and lost. That didnt surprise me cause i always lose raffle type contests. So I noticed a new contest near Christmas time, I entered and won!! This image is what I saw when I opened the box. A nice presentation and very generous prize, a 7x7 and 7x10 Beta Series Sketchbook. Thank you Stillman & Birn!!

Here is a link to their site:

I will share some sketches soon. Incase I don't post again before Christmas.. Happy Holidays!


David Lussier said...

Cool deal Dan!

Jude said...

Lucky you! Those are great sketch books.

Celene Farris said...

Merry Christmas, Dan.

Mea Zamora said...

Merry Christmas, Daniel :) It's so nice to get Art supplies as gifts, something you'd normally pay for. What a score!

Dan Corey said...

Yeah I'm super lucky! These are some great looking sketchbooks.. Merry Christmas All!

Randy Saffle said...

Good for you! Look forward to seeing the sketches inside.