Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On a Roll

Well, since the last black and white post seemed to help a few be inspired to put in some B&W work. I thought I would share one of my favorite value studies (6"x8") of recent. This is my attempt to organize values and see what I can get out of a simple scene. I really like it when brushstrokes seem to be cruising at about 90mph and missed their exit. And while focusing on composition and values, what I think is OK brushwork has crept in.

With all the value studying I have been doing lately I have also developed an admiration for less intense color harmonies. I am guessing we all go through wandering influences but it is no easy task being influenced by Russian impressionists and the likes of Fairfield Porter.. They are always arm wresting in my head.

Fun surprise planned for the blog and coming very soon so stay tuned!! !

Last thing, I stumbled upon a pretty cool app on iTunes called "Right Brain Price" this app will quiz you in its own strange way and measure the amount of your thought that is (I guess) controlled by right brain. Now the cool thing about this is when you think your doing really well you will find out that you should get certain ones wrong and in a certain way. Don't ask me?? Check it out, it's free.


Kyle Martin said...

Great posts, it's that time of year. I'm amidst a book on Porters Lithographs and block prints now. The muted colors really are great, its like listening to someone play the vibraphones. I cannot wait for the fun that lies ahead on the blog.


Mick Carney said...

Great stuff. Do you prepare your range of values before starting or do you mix them as you go?

rahina q.h. said...

great post and beautiful atmospheric painting... i'm doing something similar with charcoals for other reasons at the moment. btw, downloaded the app but doesn't seem to work:(

Dan Corey said...

Hey Kyle, cool! Glad you are checking those out. When i look at his work it helps me see that the best color harmonies come from what is left out not all that can be crammed in.

Hey Mick, thanks! The photo is a little dark. Not sure what happened..?. I might make a couple puddles of mid values to start but in general no range is prepared. If you go t give it a shot a five value scale should start you off right. Also grouping lights and darks. Rounding up or down is a good way to look at simplifying the values so a piece doesn't end up too spotty.

Hey Rahina, that's cool, I like charcoal but I just never get to it.. I will though!!
To bad about the app.. I don't now why it wouldn't work? Have you tried erasing it then downloading it again? Good luck. Let me know your score when you get it.