Monday, August 8, 2011

Goodbye Bristol

Well the time has come to move on... This week we will be moving from the studio/apt in Bristol to Brunswick. The new diggs will be a smaller apartment right near the center of town. I will definitely miss being so close to the harbors i like to haunt but I am excited to paint some different scenery.
In preparation for this move I have been sorting thru the ridiculous piles of paintings and collected "stuff" from the few plus years we have been at this location. I have cut up well over two hundred paintings. And tied together way too many book.. Now just need to move it all..
This painting (Fat Cat Day Dream 30x40") is from last year and even though the photo is not great I decided to finally share it here. This image is a view of the door to my studio with my cat Choncho in the window watching the crows bounce and leaves skate across the yard.. I will miss this place.


Kyle Martin said...

Hi Dan,
I remember seeing this piece on the easel. It's a monster and a good rememberence of your past digs. Glad the move went well, can't wait to see the new painting spots.


Dan Corey said...

Thanks Kyle, I am scouting out new spots all over the place.