Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This piece "Docked" 18x24" is from a new favorite spot that a friend showed me this summer. I love this area and always find a spark there that gets the brush moving! People always ask if you were stranded on a deserted island what would you bring. I'm gonna ask you, if you had a loaded easel setup and could only pick one place to be stranded, to paint, where would that be? Wow that is a paint nerd question.. Don't be lazy? Respond even if anonymous. Thanks for stopping by.


sarahsbooks said...

McClellan Park in Milbridge, Maine. It's near where I grew up and I think I could paint the ledges there forever! (Second and third choices: Cape Split in Addison and Bear Island out in Penobscot Bay. Marshall Point at Port Clyde is a distant fourth at the moment. Okay, I'd better stop there, I know you only asked for one place!)

Wendy L. Trommer said...

I love the reflections of the water on the stern of the boat. You really captured that sun drenched feeling.

Rolina said...

Oooh, great question. I would be happy to paint from the top of the Lomond Hills, here in Fife Scotland until I am rescued!

Lovely painting - I too really like how you have captured the refelcted light on the boat.

Colin Page said...

Nice work Dan. I like the name of the boat too. Not sure where I would chose if I had to single out one place. Probably somewhere I don't know the landscape as well... maybe arches national park, or a cliff in Maui. If I were to choose a place in Maine, maybe around Acadia somewhere? This is a tough question.

Dan Corey said...

Hi Sarah, great choices! If you ever happen to get stranded four times.. Get a new travel agent. Lol

Thank you Wendy!

Thank you Rolina! Just the name of your choice sounds great.

Hey Colin, Wow so you would chose a place that you don't know as well. Interesting. A gambler?
Thank you, I thought you would like the name.

Joyce Kahn said...

This one is easy. I'd be on Monhegan. I've gone every summer for the last seven years for one week, and there is an abundance subject matterto paint within walking distance. One summer I sprained my ankle on one of the cliffs and was on crutches and couldn't walk. No problem: I sat at at picnic table and rotated my position and got many paintings that way.

Joyce Kahn
Montpelier, VT