Friday, June 10, 2011

Patty's Seafood

This piece (8x10") was painted recently at one of my favorite summertime only seafood stops. Pattys Seafood is right on rt 1 in Edgecomb ME. One of the best lobster rolls in Maine and good prices to boot. I didn't get to have anything as I finished up just as they were opening and had to move on..


Chris Gillis said...

great one Dan, its got nice light and I like the composition - I love how you guys have these little seafood shacks up there in Maine...we need some on the Cape, I'd be happy with a fish taco truck myself ;)

Dan Corey said...

Thanks Chris! If you ever come up this way fish tacos are pretty popular so you should find em just about everywhere. Pattys is a nice stop to make if you can. Ask Kyle.

Kyle Martin said...

And the NICEST owner of any place in Maine! Oh yeah, you said that!
Such a great piece and documentation of a REAL place.
My teeth hurt (whoopie pies) just from looking at this.
Keep it up Dan!

Dan Corey said...

Thanks Kyle, yeah Patty gets it done.