Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life from Paint @ Coco Vivo Friday Sept 3rd

   Here are a couple more pieces that will be part of my show at Coco Vivo in Boothbay ME. the top one is of of one of my favorite local ladies,the Russ Ann. I have driven by this boat for about 4 years an finally stopped to paint it. I am not sure what happened to the image, maybe blogger messes with it..?. Either way travel down east to see this and about 10 other new pieces in person cause photos don't cut it. Especially when I'm holding he camera.
 The second piece is a 18x24 of Atlantic Avenue in Boothbay. When it was painted I was surrounded by a church, a memorial statue, boats, a beautiful harbor with working fishing docks but i couldnt fight it, I was attracted to the dynamic movement of the quiet street, which is usually loaded with people this time of year. I can't even picture people in this scene, it would get too busy with this composition.

 The opening is this Friday (tomorrow Sept 3rd. I will be there unless we get hit by a hurricane.........?

Quote "Instead of trying to reproduce exactly what I see before me, I make more arbitrary use of color to express myself more forcefully."

(Letter to Theo van Gogh, 11 August 1888)


Anonymous said...

Stunning work. Thank you for sharing it with me. Stay safe in the storm. julie

George De Chiara said...

Hi Daniel,
I just ran across your blog. Your work is wonderful. Good luck with your opening!


Mick Carney said...

More great stuff. Love the first one and the second one is a revelation in terms of subject matter. the result being a stunning composition. Better and better.

Frank Gardner said...

Both are really strong paintings Dan. Best of luck with the Coco Vivo show.

Dan Corey said...

Thanks Julie, I will try.

Thank you George.

Thank you Mick, your comments get kinder and kinder.

Thanks alot Frank, Best of luck on the new series, I am excited to check it out everyday!

Lynn Lancaster said...

I like the subjects you paint. They are very similar to things I paint. Old trucks seem to speak to me as well as old dry dock boats. Here on the Mississippi River, the boats are a little different. Great job

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,

I missed meeting you the day you painted my husband's boat the Russ Ann! I love to paint too! Your work is terrific! Just received the info on your blog from my husband's cousin across the street visiting from Texas so I missed your show!

I love that you get a desire to paint something and just go with it!


Dan Corey said...

Thanks Lynn.

Hi Heidi, thank you! Russ Ann has been on my list for quite awhile, she is a beauty. I will definitely be back for some different angles now that i know its ok to be on the property. :)