Sunday, September 12, 2010

Country Road

 Here is a 16x20 I painted in South Bristol during the recent heatwave we had here in the N East. When coming home to have a small break i would see my thermometer consistently above 115 in the sun, highest was 119. I know those are not the "real" temps but when you work in the sun they are !
 This piece is available at Coco Vivo Fine Art right around the corner in Boothbay. I just had my first opening with Coco Vivo, and had a great time. A big THANK YOU to everyone there for welcoming me and making me feel at home.

Quote:  "The painter must enclose himself within his work ; he must respond not with words; but with paintings." Cezanne


Kyle Martin said...

Hi Dan,
I'll bet that paint was really flowing at that temperature! There are really some great paintings posted here lately, I'm especially partial to paintings of roads. Keep it up, I'm estimating just over a month till all the leaves are off the trees here in WI.

Mick Carney said...

Your rich vein of form continues. There are one or two that I'm going to use as study pieces once I get the oils out again. It will be soon.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Kyle, yeah some days it was like painting with pudding. LOL. Yeah the leaves are turning here to, kind excited to see some different scenery.

Hi Mick, a study of my work?? That's a first. I am Absolutely flattered.........i hope all is well on your side of the pond and thank you.