Sunday, June 20, 2010

Liberty Farms

Hi all, I want to start off this post with a big Happy Fathers Day to all the men (or women in some situations) who have been there through thick and thin. Thanks Tom!

I figured whats a better icon of Fathers Day than a sweet John Deere tractor/mower.... I cant think of one... This painting is a 20x24 (yes another one) and was painteda few weeks ago at Liberty Farms near the Edgecomb/Boothbay line. They have the best fresh eggs in Maine that I have tasted. The second painting is from the same day. It is of a painter named Pat and she was sitting pretty still and the light was right so i sketched this 8x10 with the quickness.

Anyway the photos were pretty rushed as there is much to do today (including some painting I hope) so don't give me @$%# about em. Later on today my wife and I are going to a small get together to watch Brasil win in the World Cup. Go Brasil! (and USA also! but lets be honest... not yet...)

Quote: "I surrendered to a world of my imagination, re-enacting all those wonderful tales my father would read aloud to me. I became a very active reader, especially history and Shakespeare." (Andrew Wyeth)


Mick Carney said...

Two absolute stunners and a world cup victory as well. What did you think of the Kaka sending off?

patrick said...

c'est magnifique et ce vert est à craquer, it's wonderful and your green has an magic effect, don't know how to say in english but it's to fall back as we say here.

Dan Corey said...

The images are replaced with better ones.

Hi Mick, Thank you. I think this cup will be remembered party for its "great" officiating...

HI Patrick, Merci Beaucoup! I am not sure of the term you are talking about... in english we have "to die for" but that would be a bit drastic to describe my work. Thank you.