Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Go Figure

These two are from some of the past Saturdays at Waterfall Arts in Belfast ME. They are both have about 2hrs invested. The top one is north light only and the second is artificial light on an overcast day. One of the things I came away from the recent trip to Mexico with is a greater desire to study and explore painting people. Thanks west coasters..esp Ignat. I can't decide on these.... are they figure studies or portraits...?.

Quote: "Since the model he so faithfully copies is not going to be hung up next to the picture ... it is of no interest whether it is an accurate copy of the model. Whether it will convince or not, depends entirely on what it is in itself, what is there to be seen. The model should only serve the very private function for the painter of providing the starting point for his excitement. The picture is all he feels about it, all he thinks worth preserving of it, all he invests it with. If all the qualities which a painter took from the model for his picture were really taken, no person could be painted twice."Lucien Freud, 1954.

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Ryan Evans said...

Portrait or figure study- Good question! I'd say it depends on the intention you painted it for.

if you wanted to capture and say something about the sitter (portrait) or light, skin colours, form, movement (figurative)

Great work anyway especially in the time frame!