Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Show (before and after)

First things first, Thank You to everyone involved, Tidemark Gallery and all who make that gallery run like clockwork, Family, friends, customers, and those that just let me know that they enjoyed the show, you all made my night!

I don't have good pictures of the all the work yet, I will be taking some at the gallery and raiding a few other cameras to get some photos for here soon. So for the moment here are the before the show hanging pictures which really give you an idea of the layout of this beautiful gallery(sorry for bad photos) and then this is a picture of us (Raquele and I ) after all have gone home. If you see in my hands there is a black item, that is a book given to me as a gift that night by a friend of mine (Thanks Chris!) I will share an excerpt from this great book in my quote today. Quote: "The one dollar bill originally had Chuck Norris on it, but the beard kept getting caught in vending machines." OK one more...." Chuck Norris was supposed to be the next face on Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately granite is not hard enough material to replicate Chuck Norris's beard."


Frank Gardner said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of the gallery and paintings. Looks great! Bet you are glad it is over.
I'm glad you explained the book in your hand. I thought it was your little black clutch purse.
Hope to hear more on how it went.

Mick Carney said...

What a feeling of relief you must have that the show is open at last. The pics are tantalising in that I'm dying to see the pictures in more detail. The set up and gallery facility looks like a fabulous place to have your work seen.

"Art postulates communion, and the artist has an imperative need to make others share the joy he experiences himself". Igor Stravisnsky

Dan Corey said...

Hey Frank, Thank you, and yeah I am really just glad it arrived, I was anxious for this day to say the least!
LOL Xs 4!, I left my Gucci clutch at home, hahaa
To be honest I also would like to hear more on how it went..?.I feel like I met a months worth of people in two hours, and didn't really get to finish my conversation with anyone (sorry all)

Hi Mick, yes relieved that I didn't mess anything up,haha.
Thank you Mick, I hope to have some better pics soon and also the gallery site will have some up.
sweet quote and true

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

These are nice photos. I got there 10 minutes into the opening and already you couldn't stand back and just look. It was so crowded and all the comments I heard from people as I walked around made me so happy for you. Everyone had positive comments.
The painting were beautiful I can't think of words to describe how proud of you I am and how proud of yourself you should be.
Don't you dare erase this./\

JMahorney said...

Man, these are a beautiful set of paintings! I would love to have seen that show. I think the thicker black frames of the 4th photo down set them off perfectly. I gotta find some of those. Mind if I asked where you got em?

Dan Corey said...

Hi Anonymous, Thank you, I have a good idea who this is, but to be fair, the gallery was flooded 10 mins in and everyone was so positive, I was beginning to think the gallery hired people to come and talk up my work..?. hahaha...?.

Hi Jeff, Thank you very much! I emailed you on the frames.

Any one reading this: The Gallery has added some high quality photos of some of the work, alot have been posted here before but they are better photos by far!

Allison Currie said...


Dan Corey said...

Hey Allison, Thank you!, I check on your blog recently, looks like things are working out good for you.