Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy Days

Yesterday morning I headed out to Boothbay to paint with the Plein Air Painters of Maine group( ) despite the bad weather predictions for the morning. I figured a morning of gray day painting is better then a whole week of nothing as the rest of the week looks to be a wash. (yes pun intended) About 30 mins into painting the rain drops started to fall and in another hour they fell pretty hard but I did manage to get two and really enjoyed the challenge of the " gray day " and the color harmony it brings. This piece was finished (relative term I know) in some decent rain and I think it might be my first time I have painted in rain that made me have to drain my palette a couple times, haha I even lost a brush so it must have been kind of hectic.. I think I will have to drill holes in my EasyL box for a rain gutter system and get some Mai Thai drink umbrellas for my brush washer can...?.
This past Tuesday I went to take down the remaining pieces from my show at Tidemark, and just want to Thank everyone at Tidemark again and again for all their help and work for making my first show very memorable and successful. I plan on being back there early next year to take part in another show (dates to be determined) and continue my involvement with this great gallery. Thank you Tidemark!
Since the showing at Tidemark and the announcement of my winning of the Monhegan Residency I have been contacted and in talks with a few galleries. Two of the Galleries are definites and the other is still on hold. I am really excited to finally have this ball rolling and the oppurtunities to really push myself and see what is possible... (I will announce galleries next post)
Quote:Renoir's Color Mixing: "He always mixed his colors on the canvas. He was very careful to keep an impression of transparency in his picture throughout the different phases of the work ... he worked on the whole surface of his canvas [and] the motif gradually emerged from the seeming confusion, with each brushstroke."-- Jean Renoir, son of the Impressionist Painter Auguste Renoir, writing in his memoir Renoir: My Father


Ed Terpening said...

Beautiful, subtle color harmonies in this. Gray days are great for this.

Congrats on your galleries.

Frank Gardner said...

Looks great Dan.
Like Ed said, beautiful harmony.

Dan Corey said...

Thanks Ed, its tough to pull off and I need much practice at this.

Thanks Frank, your latest beach paintings have beautiful subtle harmonies, I check em out often.