Sunday, February 15, 2009

7-UP at Cape Cod

This a sketch from this past Thursday in Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod. I travelled down to meet up with some of the "Port Clyde 12,(13, ..?.) and hopefully get to paint some while there. I was so stoked to paint I did this one while waiting to meet up with them. This train bridge is one that I have loved as far back as I can remember, (I grew up going to Cape Cod) and didn't even mind that the painting didn't work out so good.
When I met up with the group at the Addison Art Gallery ( ) I was pretty overwhelmed at first with all the great paintings and meeting the painters that made them. Everyone was welcoming, friendly, and genuinely a pleasure to be around. For those who were there reading this Thank you all, and there is a home in Maine you are always welcome in, and If Colin's not home you can come over here. (HA)
Quote: " Real Painters understand with a brush in there hand....What does anyone do with rules? Nothing worthwhile." Berthe Moriset .


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, That bridge is where your grandfather goes when he's out riding around and he stops to watch the people fishing. He smile when he sees it.
Hope the Cape trip went well for you. Did you do any other paintings while you were there?

February 15, 2009 1:52 PM

Frank Gardner said...

Ha ha, good stuff Dan. This one looks real good.
I like the design and the color. I thought that we might be doing some more painting than we actually did this weekend. The two from the dunes were not that bad once I pulled them out of my box. It was pretty chilly out there though.
Great hooking up with you and thanks for the offer of Colin's house as a place to crash.

Dan Corey said...

Hi Anonymous (Mom) thats good to hear there is something about this bridge it reminds me of being a kid and just staring at it waiting for it to move. The trip was great I couldn't ask for anything more (except more paintings?)I did two other paintings but they were wipers.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Frank, Thanks! I plan on doing more with this bridge in the future. I wish we did more painting and also really wanted to paint a bit with Eric, Logan, and Paul. It was pretty dam cold at those dunes, Id like to see what you "got" from that session. Glad you feel welcome, ha.

Peter Kalill said...

Hi Dan,
nice sketch. I like the title.
I didn't see what you wound up with at the end of the day. I think my eyes were frozen, or at least slightly sand blasted from that walk back through the windy storm. its hard painting in the cold!
I'd love to see those pictures you shot out there. I forgot my camera that day.
Good meeting you. I look forward to painting with you again.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Peter, yeah it was so dam cold and the paint on my pallete was like salt water taffy, I ended up wipeing both of the 6x8s from that day. did you "get one"? I don't know how to get the photos to you,,,,maybe you can send me an email and I can send the photos back to you..?. my email is in my profile on this blog. Thanks alot for everything, I hope to be back in the area to paint a bunch this spring and summer, I will let you guys know If I'm travelling down to the area.