Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Thaw

This is another one from my window after all the Ice melted from our big freeze, the temps got up around 50 but its supposed to snow again tomorrow . I would have liked to get out and paint but I was busy readying my home studio for a very small home class that is starting soon. I am still teaching at River Arts and have a class scheduled to begin sometime mid late January. Quote:"Painting from nature is not copying the object, it is realizing one's sensations" Paul Cezanne


Frank Gardner said...

This one has lots of great color Dan. I pulled the other one up in a new window next to this and they make a great pair.
Nice series.
Have you seen Kevin Macpherson's "Reflectons on a pond"?

Dan Corey said...

Thanks Frank! I have seen the book online but not live, I'm sure its good.

Solvay said...

And, I do really like this painting. It is VERY melty. But, I want to touch it, because it's all texture-y, too.

I've gotten a little tired of many of the very formal paintings I've seen recently..........this one isn't like that. It's not formulaic, either. And, oddly, that woods looks scary in the midst of all the colorfulness everywhere else - I looked into it and chose to turn back. It's very like a fairy tale story, this painting. I like it.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Solvay, Thanks for the compliments! don't be scared! seriously thank you for taking the time to tell me this, I have heard good and bad about my paintings from people but never what they were feeling or what was conveyed to them by the scene. glad you like it, Dan