Friday, December 19, 2008

The Best Christmas Song EVER

This really has no explanation. Enjoy! Quote: Merry Christmas ! anonymous


Frank Gardner said...

It looks better on your black background Dan.

It IS the best Christmas song ever. And catchy.

I have a few Christmas songs that have been going over and over in my head for weeks.

Merry Christmas!

Dan Corey said...

Merry Christmas Frank

Solvay said...

Thought I'd give you a visit, Dan. So, do I have to go back and see Frank's timetag in order to know WHO COPIED WHOM here?
: )

I like that Big Thaw painting - nice melt of colors. Wish it were thawing here - but instead it's just doing what it's supposed to do: snow snow snow blow blow blow be cold be cold be cold.

How did I get HERE? - I feel like David Byrne and the Talking Heads....."what? how did I get here?"

Anyway, Hi. Merry Christmas. You may have my portion of Alicia's Doritos.

: )

Dan Corey said...

Hi Solvay, glad you stopped by, and yeah Frank posted his first but it was a collaboration and honestly if he didn't help me figure out the "posting video" part of this I would not have been able. (thanks again Frank!!) Thank you Solvay for the compliment and your share of Alicia's Doritos, I'll think of somehing to swap ya, Have a Merry Christmas!

Solvay said...

No need to swap. It's Christmas. It's a gift. Since I'm not a painter, or anything like that, I don't really have much more than Doritos to give you. Please accept them in the truest sense of Christmas. No sarcasm going on, either.
: )

Enjoy winter - Frank seems to want to be painting snow, so I suggest the swap go on with HIM: offer him your home in exchange for his, from now til about tax day, I'm thinking.
: )

Me? I'm working hard on my plan to move to Mexico.....if I only knew how to draw up a a plan.

Merry Christmas,

Dan Corey said...

Ok I'll crunch away :x, we are burried this morning! Mexico sounds really good !