Wednesday, March 18, 2015


"Chat" 12x12"
"Waiting to Dance" paper mounted to 12x12" canvas for presentation

Here are a couple of new additions to my Daily Paintworks Gallery . Give it a look if you have time.
  I have included some smaller works for auction and larger pieces that you can inquire about if interested.  The larger work is available for a limited time. As we get into the good weather and busy season I will be focusing on gallery commitments and travel. So get em while you can!
Thanks for stopping by!


lambgyro said...

These minimalist water color figures you post now and again are really captivating. I think they really demonstrate the point that sometimes a great painting/drawing is about what is not said, but only suggested.

I started painting myself about six months ago, and I routinely check your blog to see what's new and to gain inspiration to continue, so thought I would say hello.
Cheers, Kyle

Dan Corey said...

Hey Kyle, thanks for the comment! I'm glad you found inspiration.