Thursday, April 17, 2014

Opening Day at Dorman's !!!

Dormans, Happy Hour" 10x14" available
Today is the day! Finally spring can really start as Dorman's Dairy Farm opens its sales window for the season. You can bet I will be in line for my favorite sundae, Vanilla ice cream, banana, hot peanut butter, marshmallow and extra cherries.. mmmhm. I stumbled across this sundae last year as they forgot to add hot fudge by accident (they were extremely busy and don't normally mess up) So I call it a "Fluff-a-nator" (don't ask, long story) Just try it!
 Ive been going swimming a lot lately so I will definitely eat this with ZERO guilt.. Plus its real ice cream, nuff said..

This piece was painted last year at night (obviously) when the small dairy stand seems to really get busy.. Those magic summer hours between dinner and bedtime.. I can't wait, already so many great memories associated with this place.

here is a link to their Facebook Page.  Lick em!  I mean. Like em..

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