Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Window Seat

Window Seat 12x12 SOLD

Lately the cold has been forcing more inside work than I would have liked. I know, I know what you're saying "Dan you paint outside, even when its cold. What is the problem?" Well it has been around 12 degrees fahrenheit lately and with wind chills well below zero. I tried to paint out there in that cold, lasted about an hour. Even dressed well, I had numb toes and finger tips and that's with a heat packet in my glove! I will share that piece soon. It is spirited to say the least.

  So this piece "Window Seat" 12x12" is one of the last pieces painted at my old home. Deciding to put this piece up for sale was a tough decision but going forward is a must.
 If you are interested in this piece or viewing the other pieces I have for sale at discounted prices. Please click HERE to go to my online store/gallery .

Oh yeah, im not sure if quoting yourself is pretentious but here it goes anyway.

"If you only work at being an artist, what else could you be" me.

I am usually of two minds so the one that is writing you now is the one pondering this quote, not the author. Don't have me committed just yet, honesty is the new truth. ;)


Mick Carney said...

I almost hesitate to make a comment because my response to this is all about loss, it is an evocative piece.

Dan Corey said...

Well, thank you fit commenting Mick! I am afraid that loss is just part of this big "life" experience. It could always be worse. Hope you are well