Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Waitin Ta Go


 I'm thinking of  doing a demo vid for the blog and would love some feedback on interest.. I promise I will not stare into the camera and drop the "Blue Steel" look on you.........    @ _@    


Quote: " Photography has greatly disturbed the imagination, because one has seen things devoid of  feeling.  When I wanted to get rid of  all influences which prevented me from seeing nature from my own personal view, I copied photographs." Henri Matisse


Ian Bruce said...

Hey Dan--nice work! I have been going back through your older posts. I wish I could see more of your work in person! I did see some at the Falls gallery. Howard told me he had just sold a couple for you--congratulations!

Unknown said...

A welcome return to boats. The way the foreground is lit against the shadowed background gives immense depth to this piece. Powerful.

I'd love to see a vid of you working so get it on asap.

Pam Holnback said...

The water highlights and the way it sparkles draw me right in!

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Dan,
Yes, a demo video would be awesome!

Great one here Dan, I never get sick of the boats! I really have to dig up that video of the stormy Round Pond session.


Daniel Corey said...

Hey Ian, Thanks for the kind words and the sales update!

Hey Mick, thanks and I will start shooting this soon, probably done by early fall with editing and all.

Thank you Pam

Kyle! yeah I would love to see that vid. Send it to me when you get to it.

Dana Cooper said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I love your work, I'm a new fan...!
And yes, I would love to see a video!

Jack Riddle said...

Dan--video is a nice idea. The boat piece sparkles. I enjoyed the blog about insults. I have weeks like that all too often (once is too many!). But we stick with it don't we? Jack

Celene Farris said...

I hope you do film a video, it will be fun to watch. But nothing can beat watching you paint in person. Thanks for the great day today and for sharing your thoughts as you worked. I love that little painting! Many thanks!

irinapictures said...

So glad I found your blog, such a treasure!
And I will wait for the video, Matisse is not right)

Daniel Corey said...

hi Dana, welcome and thank you.

hi Jack,thanks and yes we keep on trucking.

hi Celene,Thank you, you are too kind. I am glad you liked that piece.

hi Irina, welcome. Matisse was right.